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General Maintenance 

Maintaining your board

You should regularly inspect your board for damage and check to make sure it is running properly. Do not clean the board with harsh abrasives or chemicals; a semi-damp cloth should suffice to wipe off dust and dirt.

User-Replaceable Parts

With the 2nd generation board, you can replace the motors, motor driver, motor caps, skid plates, grip tape, front and rear trucks, front and rear wheels, and the battery. You can even replace your deck if your need to. All self-serviceable parts including belts, bearings, wheels, motor covers, skid plates and more will be available from our official store.

Changing the Belts

The lifespan of your belts will vary depending on the road conditions you regularly ride on. Most riders find the belts last 200 -400+ miles, but gravel and rocks can occasionally cause the belt to break prematurely. Keeping your belts tensioned correctly will lengthen the lifespan of your belts significantly.

Clicking Bearings

Don't worry, this is a fairly regular and normal occurrence, especially with the drive wheels. There are several solutions to remedy this. Often the axle nut is too tight and will cause one or more bearings to click. Using a skate tool, tighten the nut until it is tight and then back it off a quarter turn or so until the clicking stops but there is no lateral movement of the wheel. Another remedy is to use a little white lithium grease on the bearing seats.

Squeaky Trucks

If you are experiencing squeaky trucks, remove the hanger and put some shaved pure paraffin wax (don't use a candle) in the pivot cup and in the bushing seats. Reassemble the truck as it was previously and you should have less noise from the trucks.

Battery & Charging Issue 

Orange charging light

The power light on your battery pack may be orange when power is on or the battery is fully charged. We have a mixed batch of battery packs with either orange or green LEDs. We decided that there was not enough contrast between the red and the orange LED charging lights, so we made a change in the manufacturing process to include a green LED light instead. There is nothing wrong with your board if your light is orange.

Battery Recovering

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, it might be because your battery pack naturally discharged too far: Board won't turn on. Board won't respond to the charger. Board turns on but then displays a blinking pattern. Board displays a blinking pattern when the charger is connected.

You can recover the battery yourself without having to send the board back to us.

To start, you need to have the wheels spinning enough to give the board a small regenerative charge. This can be done by kicking the board around for 15-20 min at about 10mph, or even by being creative and having someone pull you around with a bike. We have even seen someone use a treadmill or a hand drill setup to get the wheels spinning for a while. Whatever method you use, please use caution. Keep the board turned off when you try this, and then immediately plug it into the charger without turning on the board or remote.

Try checking the remote or the app to see if it's actually gaining charge after 15 minutes on the charger again. If after a couple attempts your board still doesn't charge normally, please reach out to us to diagnose the board further.

Warranty & Service

One Year Standard Warranty

Most online hoverboards stores supply with a 15-30 days warranty against manufacturing defects only. However, we extended this to a 12-month warranty to our customers.

Service Requests

Please contact our service technicians if aftersale service required. We will help diagnose all your problems, give you tips to fix the issue or help you schedule a service appointment. To help make diagnose easier, please include a video of the issue in your email.