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S5 Foldable 8.5" Pneumatic Tires 5.8Ah LG Battery 13 Miles Range Electric Scooter for Adults

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$ 299.00 $

2020 New Electric Scooter S10 with 7.5Ah Battery 250W Motor 8' wheels and LED Display
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1. The S5 electric scooter packs a 5.8Ah LG battery supporting 13mile range and 250W brushless motor with a max speed of 15.5mph;

2. The S5 e-scotoer is equipped with advanced 8.5' shock-absorbing and anti-slip pneumatic tires to make your ride more comfortable;

3. With a mechanical disc braking on the rear wheel and a electronic braking on the front wheel, the e-scooter is safer to ride;

4. The S5 e-scooter is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, higher strength, weighs only 27.5 lbs, 264 lbs max load, can be quickly folded and released;

5. The scooter features 2 speed modes, an ultra bright LED headlight for night riding and red taillight to warn pedestrians and vehicles behind.

  • Major Material: Aluminium materials
  • Net Weight: 12.5kg
  • Battery: 36V/5.8AH
  • Battery charge voltage: DC 42V
  • Battery charging time: 3 Hours
  • Motor: 250W
  • Max Speed: 23km/h
  • Mileage: 15-20km
  • Max Load Capacity:  120kg
  • Gradeability: 20 degree
  • Color: Black
  • Box Size: 1050*230*505mm
The best scooter I ever dreamed....!
2019-11-13 11:52:09
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

I highly recommend the S5 escooter, it is fast, has two speeds, and is made with good quality material and resistant, the battery is long and up to more than two hours in a row until exhausted completely, it was definitely the best option to acquire the S5 scooter , besides that it is perfect for the streets of New York where I work and I carry it every day with me, I have a deficiency in one of my feet and with the scooter I save myself from walking more than twenty-five blocks until my work. Again I want to say that I recommend it for its high quality materials, speed, strength, and maneuverability that I get with this scooter. Thanks Megawheels, besides the customer service is the best, I had some doubts and immediately customer service contacted me and helped me.

Great price, well built, and equally comparable to riding Bird or Lime scooter
2019-11-13 09:46:53
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

First off I bought this scooter after researching several others, and to me it seemed like the best deal on Megawheels with how it was made, how far it could travel, and battery life. On my initial opening of the package I was very happy to see that it was already assembled, and that the only thing I needed to do was screw in the handlebars. It even came charged up which I was excited about because I didn't want to have to wait to give it a try. Also right away I definitely was impressed with how well built it is, having big tires to handle going over bumps in the road and strong / sturdy bars so it doesn't seems like it could easily break. After taking it for a long ride (until the battery ran out which was about an hour of riding it nonstop) I have to say my initial review is that I'm impressed how smooth it rides. Also I've road Bird and Lime scooters many times before and I'd have to say this is equally comparable in acceleration and battery life. The only thing I wish that it had was an odometer or some ability to connect to your device, but I'm going to purchase a cheap one so I can see how far I can travel on full battery. I will be using this very frequently over the next month so I will keep you updated on it, but right now in my mind it's the best deal on a scooter you will find, as far as quality and performance goes.

Man-Child approved!
2019-11-10 10:55:49
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

I got this scooter for my oldest child (aka, my 44 year old husband) and he is not disappointed. It was mostly assembled in the box with just a couple of simple parts to put on. After charging overnight he set out on his maiden voyage. He rode up and down the street, around our block and several blocks over. The charge lasted a couple of hours with him using in the higher gear and mostly full throttle the entire time. He has now used up the entire battery daily for over a week and everything is going strong.<br/>I did finally get a turn to ride so I can tell you it is VERY easy to operate. I thought for sure I would injure myself but I didn't even fall. The thumb throttle is not too sensitive and you can easily turn without losing balance. I am quite impressed with the stability. I would highly recommend this scooter for all of the grown-man-children of the world.

Faster then I thought
2019-11-08 13:09:26
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

Very easy to set up. The battery was charged and ready to go. I got on and went for a spin. So much faster then I thought. I was used to my kids scooter. Now they think they get this one. It has headlights and tail lights/break lights. The break lights will blink once you put the breaks on. The head light itself is bright which is nice so you can ride at night. It folds up and can latch so you can carry it around.

Husband's new toy!
2019-11-07 11:53:01
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

My husband is over the moon excited about this purchase. It was the easiest thing to start using which was fantastic because once it arrived he wanted to immediately take it out and start charging it. It practically comes out of the box assembled with just needing to screw in the handle bars. The first charge was even really quick. He took it out around the block a few times and is really impressed with the quality and how sturdy it is. Everything is functioning really well and have to say the led light is super bright - really nice feature. It will be great for quick trips!

Fantastic Scooter by MegaWheels
2019-11-04 16:09:42
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

I recently purchased this MEGAWHEELS S5 Electric Scooter as a birthday present for my grandson who is turning 15. There are so many things to love about this scooter. First and foremost is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy making it light enough to carry at 26.5 lbs. It is also foldable making it very portable with a fold/release time of only 3 seconds. The battery life is great with this scooter giving 13 miles for a full charge. The 250W motor actually offers 2 speeds, low speed (11 mph) and a higher speed (15.5 mph) . The tires are 8,5 shock absorbent allowing a smooth ride for him. A bonus is the safety features that include an LED headlight and red tail lights. It also features a disc brake on the rear and an electronic break on the front. As my grandson is a year from driving I thought upgrading him from a skateboard to an electric scooter would help him get around better and would be more fun. Helmut and knee pads are always recommended.

Such a fun scooter
2019-11-02 11:48:54
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

I found the MEGAWHEELS S5 Electric Scooter and knew it made the most sense for my family. I am a mom of two always on the go girls and this scooter has a long battery life, a headlight & break light and folds up for easy storage or travel.<br/><br/>Keep in mind this is a large scooter so I would not recommend it for little kids as it is tall and on the heavier side as it is over 20 pounds. However, it is perfect for older kids, teens and adults up to 260 lbs. It comes almost fully assembled & super easy to put together. The larger tires also make it easier to use on grass or rough ground. This is easily the fastest scooter I have ever been on so I would definitely recommend wearing a helmet & knee/arm pads while riding.

5.0 out of 5 starsBest Scooter
2019-10-23 09:59:59
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

This was the perfect gift. She used it everyday to compute to And from work. She’s had it for about a month and it works perfectly.

Great customer service
2019-10-22 15:54:05
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

My five star rating is due to great customer service, they are very responsive when I had issue with charging the scooter.<br/><br/>Really enjoy riding the scooter but after 3 months of riding the scooter, I had issue with charging. I ride the scooter almost daily to commute from home to train station back and forth, which is about 4 mile round trip. I emailed the customer service and explain that it just won't charge, within the same day they ship a new charger to me. Unfortunately the charger was not the issue. Cust service asked me to send a short video showing the new charger still doesn't fix the issue. Within 3-4 days they decided to replace my scooter with a new one. Luckily i didn't throw away the box so I shipped the old scooter back to them and within 5 days I received a new scooter. Thanks Daniel.

Great scooter
2019-10-10 14:11:01
Color :Black | Verified Purchase

I'm a 6'3" 250lb guy and this scooter works for me.<br/><br/>I ride it often and it's a wonderful experience. I'd say I am for sure only getting about 8 miles per charge but hey I'm heavy and there's lots of inclines around here.<br/><br/>The motor is silent and able to take me around town at a nice 10mph cruse. I love the regenerative breaks and the rear light.<br/><br/>I would recommend this scooter after having rode this one and the GoTrax ones. I like this better but both are nice

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