6.5-inch TW01 Hoverboard Giveaway

It is President's Day (Washington's Birthday) on Feb 22nd in America. And Matt Slays is going to make a video and give away one 6.5-inch hoverboard to his fans on Youtube. 

On this video, Matt and his wife unboxed the hoverboard, and both of them have a short try in the bedroom. Appearantly Matt is a hoverboard expert, while his wife is a freshman. Anyway, it is very easy to learn how to ride the TW01 hoverboard. 

The Megawheels TW01 hoverboard carries a 6.5-inch Tyre, it is powered by UL2272 certified Samsung lithium battery & comes with UL listed charger, which is much safer than the others in the market. Besides, it has the overspeed alarm function. 


Wanna win the hoverboard? It is very easy, you just need to: (The giveaway is expired. )

1. Subscribed to Matt Slays and Rebecca Zamolo channel, thumbs-up and drop a comment below the video why you want to win this giveaway.  

2. Like the Megawheels official facebook page;

PS: Matt Slays will annouce the winner on his youtube, subscribe and win your chances now.

Thanks Matt for making this video, and good luck to all!