Getting Addicted to the Hoerboard

This video was shot at scooter zone by pro scooter rider Stephen Garlatta. He was watching the TV show "My Strange Addictions" at that day and thought it was a good idea to make this video about the addiction to the hoverboard. So it began!

Stephen is ashamed of himself by ridding the hoverboard all the whole day, walking around the house, having dinner and even outside the yard. He didn't walk several steps without the hoverboard all the day long. So he thought he had got addicted to the hoverboard. He was so sad, but couldn't do anything to change. Thanks god, Stephen finally come back to us because of thinking about the real life, he need to come back to work, earn money and live a normal life. 

It was just a joke, Stephen want to show us that how much he love the hoverboard. Hope the Megawheels hoverboard and bring convenient life and loved by most of you.

Watch the video filmed by Stephen Garlatta