Having Fun On Hoverboard!

Ryan received the hoverboard from Megawheels today. Now he is going to unbox and charge it before his twin daughters come back home from school, so the girls can try the hoverboard out together with him at once. 

"Ridding the hoverboard is so funny but hard to learn for the new learner just like me" said Ryan, the father of the family. After a while, the girls come back with their grandpa, they are very excited to see the hoverboard laying on the floor. The girl Elizabeth asked her dad "What is it?", after being told that it is a self balance scooter, they all have great interest to try it out. At last, the grandpa also give it a try.

On the next day, Ryan is going to his friend's house and see what they can do for the Megawheels hoverboard. On this family, all the people are willing to try the hoverboard, it is really fun and they all love it. They even take the hoverboard to the outdoor and have a racing competition with the electric scooter and motorcycle. 

The hoverboard is something that can bring fun to family and friends. All the people can ride it, even if you are a 5 or 6 year old kid or the elders. And it is a very good vehicle if you are going somewhere like the super market, the neighbor's house and the part nearby.


Watch the video filmed by Twin Family Fun