Hoverboard fun for the whole family

Hoverboard was defined as an innovated personal transportation vehicle for short distant travel, but more over, it now becomes popular as a game for the whole family, to have a fun and relaxing moment with everyone in the family, kids and parents, even grandma!

Family Fimilukis recieved two Megawheels hoverboards this weekend and they started a challenge between the family members. The game’s rule was simple, players needed to finish the set up obstacles such as turning circles while drinking and tongue twisters, ride the hoverboard quickly and in the end kick the ball to the goal. Surprising enough, Father was only 3 seconds better than the young son in the game!

Not only did they challenge each other with a “brutal” competition, but after that Father and Daughter was dancing on the hoverboards together, which brings out the sweetness of the family time.

Grandma, been watching by the side all the time, also had the confidence and curiosity to take part in. With her son and daughter-in-law’s help side by side, Grandma was enjoying like a child on the hoverboard! What a great time!