Hoverboard Hydro Dipping Challenge

Stephen Sharer is really a creative guy! You can see what he have done to the hoverboard and find out that I am right.


Today's video is going to be very cool, Stephen is planned to dismantle and hydro dip the Megawheels hoverboard. It is crazy, right? He doesn't know how easy it is to take the hoverboard apart, he just try. By the way, it is the idea from one of the fans who comment on this under Stephen's last video, that is cool!


He carries out the Megawheels TW01 hoverboard, which has got a little scratch when trying it out about a week ago. Stephen doesn't worry about this, because he is going to make everything look fresh and a brand-new one by hydro dipping. 


So here he begins! He get all the screws out and get the panels off first. I have to say, he really knows how to disassemble the hoverboard like this, he acts like an expert. After taking the panels off, he is going to teach us how to dydro dip the hoverboard to every color that we want by using the plasti-dip.


After the Hydro dipping, Stephen assemble the hoverboard again and test it, and it still runs good as before.


And last, here is a really good news for hoverboard lovers is that Stephen is going to give away one brand-new Megawheels TW01 hoverboard to somebody who is lucky enough. This Megawheels hoverboard comes with Samsung battery, and UL charger, it is a black one. 


How to win the Megawheels TW01 hoverboard?  (Expired)

1. Enter Megawheels Facebook Page, like the page;
2. Make sure to subscribe Stephen Sharer youtube channel;
3. Comment under this video, and hashtag hoverboard to enter the hoverboard contest;
4. The contest will officially ends on March 11th;

Good luck to all the participants!!!