Hoverboard Riding Challenge Between Families

The Ohana Adventure is a big family of 8. The parents are Rachel and Jase, and they have 6 children, whose name are Klai, Rykel, Shae, Wyatt, Evelin and Cora. It is a family with full of joy and harmony. 

Recently, they have got a hoverboard from Megawheels. It is one 6.5-inch two wheels self balance hoverboard, which is powered by Samsung battery and carries UL charger, so it is much safer. Together with the one they had already, the family has got 2 hoverboards, so they are planned to have a hoverboard challenge competition with Our Spastic Family.

Our Spastic Family are closed friends of The Ohana Adventure, today the families are going to have a live stream, which main topic is one contest to compete with each other on the hoverboard riding challenge. So there are two teams: The Ohana Adventure vs Our Spastic Family. The contest includes dancing on the hoverboard, make turning on the hoverboard, move like a worm etc. Which family is going to win? You can watch the video below.

It is very funny, right? It is very interesting to have an activity like this, both families enjoy themselves, playing games and having fun together. Everyone wants to be one of this family, I think.