CES 2018 is here! The official CES 2018 dates are from January 9th to January 12th, 2018. On this well-known global innovation stage for electronics, we can seek for almost all the latest, new-invented electrical products that come from the world, even some of them are the first time of releasing. Let's join and get the up-to-the-minute news of CES 2018.

We are very honored to receive the invitation from CES to attend this big conference or event. As one of the exhibitors, we bring some our new products (hoverboard, electric scooter, skateboard, E-bike etc) to the visitors in CES 2018. 

#TW01S hoverboard
This is one of our stylish electric self balance scooters, it is the private mode from us, we have the design patent. The biggest highlight that differ from other 6.5" hoverboard is its 3-color horse race lamp on the body of board, it can be triggered and very beautiful when riding during the night.

#Electric Scooter S1
The S1 is an affordable and stylish e-scooter which weights 6.5kg, carrying with 2.0Ah, 18650, 7 series battery, 250W motor with max speed of 23km/h, mileage of 7-8km and 20 degree grade ability. It is foldable, you can ride or carry it everywhere you like.

#Electric Scooter S2
Our new product waiting to release soon! Another electric scooter from Megawheels which supports 20km/h max speed, 15-18km range, 15 degree climbing gradient and load up to 100kg obstacles. There are 30 cells and 20 cells battery options available.

#Electric Scooter S3
The newest e-scooter from us, the parameters are not public yet, here is the photo of it.

It is a new produced gravity sensor electric skateboard with shape like a fish after the former electric skateboard GS01. It is under testing and the first batch will be available soon.

20-inch foldable e-bike, the body, even handle bar can be folded, it will occupy less place when you are not using it, and the height of seat is adjustable. Besides, the battery is attachable, which offers more convenience when charging.

#EB04 and EB05
Another two models of E-bike, please refer to the picture above.

The CES is in full swing, welcome to LAS VEGAS and meet us, we can talk about the products. If you are interested in these products, we can be partners with each other.