Teach The Kid To Ride Hoverboard

It is a good day today, Kruz and his parents are unboxing and riding the Megawheels hoverboard for the first time. They thanks Megawheels for sending the device to them at the beginning. They think this is cool, Kruz especially, he looks so excited with the new gift.

After unboxing, it comes out to be a white TW01 hoverboard. Kruz's dad is the first one to try it among the families. Though this is his first time to ride the hoverboard, he did make it. It needs time to get used to it, anyway. Then Kruz try to ride the hoverboard with the help of his dad, while Kruz's mother riding the hoverboard with her hand holding the railing, forward slowly.

On this video, we can see that the families all love the hoverboard very much. Yes, it is a very fun and interesting device and everyone will love it once trying. Hope Kruz and the family can learn to use the hoverboard soon. For the hoverboard riding tutorial, please visit our other news "How to Ride a Hoverboard?"