The Best Hoverboard Ever

On today's video, David is going to review the Megawheels TW01 hoverboard and show the viewers how the hoverboard works. Actually David has got one hoverboard before, but he used it a little. Now he want to use this as a start.

Now he begins! On the back of the hoverboard, there is a switch button near the charging port. By pressing the switch button, the hoverboard is on along with 2 ringing. Then David shows us how to begin. First, get on the hoverboard with dominant foot, and then the other foot. 

After you are on the hoverboard, the best thing you can do is to look in front of you and take it easy. Remember, you lean in the direction you want to go. You lean forward, it go forward; You lean backward, the board go backward correspondingly. And if you want to make a turn while ridding, you turn by “twisting forward” the foot that’s opposite your turning direction. For example, if you want to turn left, just push your right toe forward. It is very easy to ride.

While ridding the hoverboard, we can see the LED lights that is in blue and the battery signal light on the top board. David love the TW01 hoverboard so much and think that it is the best hoverboard ever, it is fun, quick and smooth.  

Besides, David also shows us the charger, how to charge the hoverboard and even the beautiful box that come with. On the box, it shows that the Megawheels TW01 hoverboard has a max speed of 12km/h, max loading of 120kg and the endurance mileage is 20km. The hoverboard carries a 4400mAh Samsung battery, the charging time is 3 hours, and it supports 25 degree max climbing gradient. More info, please click here