Megawheels TW01 Hoverboard Unboxing & Review

Dustin Dunnill has got something cool, the Megawheels hoverboard! Today he is going to make a fun full review of it and include his daughter to see how easy it is for a child to ride it with no previous experience.


Though Dustin hasn't reviewed a hoverboard previously, we can see how this will turn out for people who are looking for gift for themselves, others or their kids. This Megawheels TW01 hoverboard may be cool to check out. Below are the 3 main parts of the video.


1. Unboxing the hoverboard on the table.

He opens the box and finds the user manual, charger and the blue Megawheels TW01 hoverboard itself. For the board, the first thing visible is the Megawheels logo on one side. Then are two sensor pedals on the top, then the power button and the charging socket.  After that, the wheels, tires, LED lights and so on. Dustin also tells us the principle of how the hoverboard works, it is really great.


2. Dustin is going to try out the hoverboard in the living room here on the carpet and in the kitchen.

He also asks his 8-year-old daughter Sanaiya to jump onto the board and give it a try. He tells Sanaiya to put the right foot on slightly, then put the other foot on quickly, and helps her to get on the board finally. Lean forward a little bit and control it through the core of the body. Dustin is riding the hoverboard in the room himself, it seems that he has mastered all the skills of riding this vehicle quickly and easily.


3. Dustin takes it outside to do some riding around in the neighborhood and to see how this hoverboard performs in different terrain, angles and speeds.

After going outside, we have to say that the place around Dustin's house is very awesome. The road is commodious with grass and beautiful flowers on both sides. It is perfect to ride the hoverboard in this environment. He tries out the TW01 hoverboard on flat road, upslope and downslope at various speeds. Dustin has great fun on it.


4. Dustin go back to the house and talk about the pros and cons of the hoverboard. Let's watch the video and find out what's in his mind of the TW01 hoverboard.


Watch the video here: