TW01 Hoverboard vs The Largest Self Balance Scooter

Stephen Sharer have just received two hoverboards from Megawheels, so they are going to unboxing it on this video. They looks so excited about it, and looks like they can't wait to see them. 

After unboxing, we can see that both of the TW01s hoverboard are in black color, which carrying with Samsung battery, so they are not going to explode. Stephen and Carter are not used to it, because they have been used to the big one, which is claimed by them to be the largest hoverboard in the world. 

When ridding the hoverboard, it has LED light on the front and it is flash, that is so cool with it. And when you go too fast with the hoverboard, it will beat to let you know to not go any faster, because they have a maximum speed of 12km/h.  

Last, Stephen and Carter use the GPS thing to test how fast it can go. They are so excited with the Megawheels TW01s hoverboard, and even use it to compete with the really big hoverboard that they have, they put LED on the bigger hoverboard too on the video. It is really a good video.