TW01 Self Balancing Hoverboard Review

Want to know how the 6.5-inch TW01 Hoverboard perform?

Mini scooters have become a rage in the recent past. Everyone from celebrities to people everywhere are seen using it. It is a vehicle that looks so easy to use and appealing that everyone feels like trying it out. 


What Is TW01?

This is a lightweight mini scooter that can be used by both kids and adults. It looks very modern and attractive, with four different colors available.

If you haven’t yet driven a scooter, don’t worry. It is easy to learn to use. The details you can visit here. The scooter is also very lightweight, making portability no issue. You can carry it anywhere with you.


Specifications and Features

The Megawheels TW01 is one of the best 6.5 inch self-balance scooter that excelled in all electrical safety tests with UL 2272 requirements, which is powered by a 4400mAh Samsung lithium battery & come with UL listed charger, all of these can prevent the hoverboard from firing & exploding.

It adopts the popular and classical design, available with red, black, white and blue colors. On its pedals, TW01 carries PC materials which has the features as wear-resisting, scratch-resistant insulation extensibility, so it can decrease the intensity by knocking. Besides, the 6.5 inch wheels and the unique design of exposed tyres make the hoverboard having more extraordinary adaptability outdoor. 

The TW01 hoverboard is equipped with two 350W motors, more stable and with better experience when ridding it. Its highest speed can be 12km/h, 25 degrees climbing gradient, and the max loading is 120kbs. Apart from all the specifications above, I think the most important highlights of the TW01 hoverboard is that it has the over speed alarm function, when you are ridding it overspeed, the system will report it to you. 

If you are looking for your first scooter, and want something that is high-end and safe for a price that is affordable, the Megawheels TW01 hoverboard is your best choice.