Unpacking The Two Wheels Self Balancing Scooter

Ryder just came back from Florida on Sunday. After coming back home, he received two packages: The first package has 4 knives inside which called Defender Extreme, Batman, Huntsman knife etc, and the other package is TW01 two wheels hoverboard from Megawheels. Today he is going to unpack both of them.

The hoverboard unboxing process comes after the another. Ryder can open the hoverboard box with the knife by coincidence. From the inside, we have the user manual, UL charger and last the hoverboard itself. As Ryder's father said, it is a smart drifting scooter, so we can drift with it if have mastered this skill. Besides, the TW01 hoverboard carries Samsung battery, which has approved the UL 2272 certification and with UL charger, it will not be catching fire and exploded.

After the unboxing, Ryder tried to step on it and ride the Megawheels TW01 hoverboard in the house and in backyard. He thinks the hoverboard is cool and has great experience on it.