Private Patent TW01S Hoverboard -Black

Highlights & Advantages

High performance battery

Intelligent battery monitoring

Boot security self check

High intelligence chip

Shock absorption, anti-skid

Strong climbing ability

Hidden switch

Aluminum alloy wheel hub

Thinner Shell & Soft Lines

Multi-color choice, everything is brilliant: Natural, smooth lines,

choose your style

50mm Chassis Height

The leveled bottom design makes the chassis higher, so it is easier to pass through the rugged highways.

Three-color Breathing Light

The cool LED light looks dazzling at night, promises you a much safer riding experience.

Kids Safety Guaranteed

The pedal built-in body weight sensor will automatically detect the weight, for weight less than 20kg, will report the error and limit riding to protect children's safety.

Brushless Motor

Brushless Frequency Conversion Motor era strikes: Compared with the brush motor, brushless motor has smaller friction and interference, smoother running, stronger power, outstanding mute, more power-frugal and longer life.

Rubber Tires, Alloy Wheel Boss

Natural rubber plus special texture, performs better on grip and non-slip aspects. Alloy wheel boss, withstand pressure and impact.

Quadruple Intelligent Protections

Speed Limit protection

automatically according to the weight limit riding speed. When the speed is higher than 12km/h, the front-end of pedal will be gradually raised to prevent further acceleration, to prevent accidents.

Low power protection

When the power is less than about 15%, it will alarm us with dripping sound; when less than 3%, the front end of the pedal begins to sink and gradually automatically slows down until the hoverboard stops.

Anti-tilt protection

When the hoverboard body tilt degree reaches over 45 degrees, the motor will automatically stop rotating, in case the high-speed rotation of the wheel do any harm to the riders.

Automatic Dormancy

When the self balance scooter is not in used for about 2 minutes, it will automatically sleep to save power, to offer longer battery life.