Smart Self-balancing Scooter 6.5 inch Bluetooth Hoverboard for kids and adults Hip-hop

The hoverboard is not just a gift,

it offers the kids a happier childhood!


Shock-absorbing & anti-skid pedal

Low battery protection

Power on security self test

Intelligent Battery Monitoring

Anti-skid tire

Self-balance system


4000mAh powered lithium battery

intelligent chip

Reduce energy consumption, improve operation speed, processing ability and stability.


Max Speed

Climbing Gradient

Endurance Mileage

Charging Time

Max Loading

Motor Power

6.5-inch wheels

Natural rubber designed with special texture, performs better on grip and non-slip aspects.

Copper Motor

High-purity wire ring, has dynamic power, strong stability and longer life.

Dual Surround Stereo

Connected to your smartphone,
dual surround stereo, presenting high-quality music.

Quadruple Intelligent Protections

Speed Limit protection

The hoverboard automatically adjusts riding speed according to the weight detected. When the speed is higher than 12km/h, the front-end of pedal will be gradually raise to prevent further acceleration to prevent accidents.

Low power protection

It give “beep” sound when the power level is less than 15%, when the power level is less than 3%, the front end of the pedal sink gradually to slows down until the board stops.

Anti-tilt protection

When the body tilt degree of hoverboard reaches over 45 degrees, the motor automatically stops rotating to protect the rider from the high-speed rotation of the wheel.

Automatic Dormancy

When the self balance scooter is not in used for about 2 minutes, it will automatically turn into sleep mode to save power.